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    Babyhug Cruise Convertible Reclining Car Seat

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    Evermore Crib (0 to 4 years)(New )

    Co-sleeping with a toddler for too long can be stressful to parents and can be hard on the child when they have to eventually let go of the habit. Every day toddlers do some thing new and are slowly growing. It is important to use that phase to have a separate sleeping space for kids once they are about 6 months. The ever more crib is a well thought crib/bed with features that allow moms to sit and comfortably lay the child on the crib. It also has multiple configurable sides that allows the crib to be full guarded, half guarded or even attached to the bed side.

    Size: 36 x 50.5 x 26inches (up to 50 kgs)

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    Teak Wood Wooden Crib

    The beautiful wooden Cot is made from solid Teak Wood and features a warm natural finish that will look great in your home. The railings can be made from Teak wood or a high-quality steam beach. Inspired from the classic Victorian styles, the Cot is finished with an all-natural oil-based polish that ensures the absolute safety of your child. With an adjustable base, the bed can be used for a long time as your child grows. The ultimate cot that you could buy for your child.

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